Downloading Your File from the User Dashboard

*For legacy instructions, please click here.

If you uploaded your phone verification file via the web interface, you will also be able to retrieve your file results directly from the dashboard. Simply scroll down to the bottom where it displays “Your Recent Batch Uploads” and click on “Download Now” or you can click on the 100% and it will also download your file.

You can also click on “View Statistics” to have it display an overview of your data results.

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Unknown

phone file download

Reviewing your file in Excel

Phone Output

Additional columns of data that get added to your results.

Field Description
status A string describing the category of the phone verification result. See our full List of Values.
reason A short string that describes the specific reason for the “status” categorization. Refer to Phone Verification Reasons for a full list of reasons and descriptions.
phone Contains the phone number you queried with in a standardized format, without any extension.
extension Contains the extension of the phone number you queried with, if there is one.
phone_type Indicates the type of phone number: “Landline”, “Cell” or “VOIP”. Refer to Phone Types for a full list of types and their descriptions.
use_type The principal use of the phone number: “Business”, “Residential” or “Soho”.
time_zone The tz database time zone name. See the list of time zones below.
city The principal city associated with the phone number. The user may not reside there.
state The principal state or province associated with the phone number. The user may not reside there.
country The country the phone number is based in: “US” for United Sates or “CA” for Canada.
latitude A floating point value representing the latitude of the phone number’s wire center.
longitude A floating point value representing the longitude of the phone number’s wire center.
error If there is a problem processing the request, this will contain a string that describes the error. See the list of errors.
duration A floating point value of the number of seconds the server took to process the request.

Phone Status

Every phone validation response will include one of the status values below:

Status Description
valid The phone number is usable.
invalid Do not call. The phone number is incorrect or blocked.

Phone Reason

The reason field will always be present in the response and describes the specific reason for the verification status. In the table below is our full list of phone verification reasons, which status value it corresponds to and their descriptions.

Status Reason Description
valid verified The phone is confirmed to exist in 411.
valid valid The first seven digits of the phone number are a valid combination.
invalid syntax The phone number does not have the correct number of digits.
invalid invalid The phone number has an invalid sequence of digits.
invalid block_tollfree Number is toll-free and your user settings block these numbers.
invalid block_by_user Phone numbers with this type are blocked by your user settings.
invalid block_affiliate The affiliate submitting data is blocked in your user settings.

Phone Type

The phone_type field describes the type of phone number.

Phone_Type Description
Landline The number is used with a wired phone.
Cell The number is used with a wireless phone.
VOIP The number is used with a Voice Over IP phone.

Use Type

The use_type field describes how the phone is primarily used.

Phone_Type Description
Business The phone is primarily used by a company or organization.
Residential The phone is primarily used by a residence or home.
Soho The phone is primarily used by a small office or home office.

Time Zones

The time_zone field has the name of the time zone that the number is in. This name format is commonly used within programming applications. The full list of time zones used is below.

Time_Zone Description
America/Moncton Atlantic time.
America/New_York Eastern time.
America/Chicago Central time.
America/Denver Mountain time.
America/Los_Angeles Pacific time.
America/Anchorage Alaska time.
Pacific/Honolulu Hawaii time.
Pacific/Pago_Pago Samoa time.
Pacific/Majuro Marshall Island Time.
Pacific/Guam Guam Time.
Pacific/Palau Palau Time.

Error Values

The error field will be populated if there is an error processing the request. These are string representations of the HTTP error codes below. Possible values are:

Error Description
invalid_api_key The api_key provided is invalid.
inactive_service Your api_key is not enabled for the service you are trying to use. For example, calling the address verification service when you are only setup for email verification.
missing_param A required parameter is missing from your request.
limit_exceeded Your API limit is exceeded. Please add funds or contact your account representative.