Configure Your Own Settings

Our system allows you to customize your settings within a few clicks when it comes to phone verification.

Log into your XVerify dashboard and click on “Settings” and then select “Phone”

  1. Phone Types Allowed

    types of phone numbers allowed

    By default, we allow both cell phone numbers and landline numbers through your marketing funnel. However, we understand there are some preferences marketers have where sometimes they want only want landline phone numbers. This way if you unselect cellphones, it will prompt the user to only supply a landline number.
    phone number is not allowed

  2. Custom Rules

    custom phone verification rules

    We have some pre-built rules that you can take advantage of.

    • Block a user after failed attempts
    • Block toll-free numbers
    • Prompt a CAPTCHA
    • Allow the phone number to pass after too many failed attempts.
  3. Custom Messages

    phone custom error msgs

    Want to change the output message that the javascript displays to the user? It’s easy simply type the message that you want to appear and save your changes. Now when a user enters an invalid phone number they will see the new display message you have specified.