How to Get Started with Our Phone Confirm API.

Our phone confirm solution can have many uses. Some clients like to use this tool for two-factor authentications, to verify users really are who they say they are. Other clients like to use this service to confirm leads are supplying phone numbers that they have immediate access to. Phone confirm is the best way to acquire the most accurate phone numbers and add a layer of security to your website.

Before you can access the API you will need to create an account to access your api key and you will need to plug in a trusted domain.
Secure Your Account with a Trusted Domain

After you have your account setup with us we will first need you to secure your account before you get access to your API key. You can do this by logging into your XVerify dashboard, then clicking on the “My Account Tab”. Look for the area that says “Your Trusted Domains” Click “add” and plug in the domain name of the web properties you plan to use data verifications on. Don’t forget to save your changes.

xverify trusted domains

Grab Your Phone Confirm API For Placing A CALL

Click on “Settings” then click on “Phone Confirm” here you will access your Phone Confirm Settings Configuration, let’s make our first API call. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the “Example URL for place call” and copy down the URL

phone confirm api

Paste the API URL into Your Web Browser

Once you have copied down your API URL, you can go ahead and open up a web browser window and paste it in the address bar. You can configure the phone number in the URL to where you would like the call to be placed, and you can also configure the CODE that you would like the user to receive.

If you had a successful API call it should look something like this.

place call for two factor authentication

After running this API call you should receive a phone call with the verification code you supplied.

Confirm Your Code Via API

Go back into your phone confirm settings and grab the URL for “verifying code”. Notice in this API call, you have a transaction number and a code in the URL. The transaction number must be the number that was generated from the successfully placed call results. The code that gets passed in this API is the code the end user supplies. If the code matches the code provided in the API call to place the call then it is a success. If the code does not match then it is a fail.


failed phone confirm API


success phone confirm API