Phone Confirm Requests & Response Codes

Here is an example of our Phone Confirm service PLACE CALL API URL:

example of phone confirm API

You would simply replace the highlighted data with the information you want to verify, and your own personal account’s API key and trusted domain. It is also important to identify if you want your response results to come back in XML or JSON format.


Each Parameter in the Phone Confirm API Request

1. Phone (required): This contains the phone number you wish to place the automated call to.
2. Type (required): You can set the type to either JSON or XML.
3. Country_code (required): The country code corresponding to the country we will be placing the call to.
4.Code (required): The code to that the user will receive.
5. Redial_count (optional): You can configure this to redial the call if the user does not pick up.
6. Redial_interval (optional): This defines the interval between the redial attempts.
7. Call_place_tile (optional): You can configure this to place the call at a specific time
8. APIkey (required): This is where you insert your API key. You must have an account with us to get access to your APIkey.
9. Domain (required): This is where you insert your trusted domain. If you make an api call with an unauthorized domain you will get a 503 error unless tests are available.
10. Secret Key (optional): You can use the secret key to add new trusted domains via the API, this is mostly used by our reseller clients.


Tags in the phone confirm response

  • <error>
    This helps you identify if there was an error with your request. When this tag displays “0” then there is no error. Anything else in this tag will indicate there is a problem with the request.
  • <status>
    This tag lets you know if the call has successfully been submitted and dialing will begin. If it says valid, the call will be placed, if it says invalid the call has failed.
  • <message>
    The message tag helps provide more details that help explain the status.
  • <transaction_number>
    This tag indicates the total execution time for the request.

Here is an example of our Phone Confirm service VERIFYING CALL URL:

When you perform this API call you must insert the transaction number associated to the transaction number collected from the placed call API. You also need to pass in the CODE the user supplies along with your API key and trusted domain name.

This is an example of a successfully verified code:

verified api call