Start Cleaning Your Lists with MailGun

If you are a customer of MailGun, we can help you easily clean up your lists. Our integration will allow you to connect to your account and import lists directly from your MailGun account with just a few clicks. Xverify will be able to identify any invalid email addresses and simply unsubscribe them.

Have Active Accounts

To get started you must first have active accounts with both XVerify and MailGun

Create your API key with MailGun

Log in to your MailGun account and click on your username, then select “Account Settings”

You can then click on the eye to display your full API key.
Copy down your API key.

Connect to MailGun via XVerify

From your XVerify dashboard click on “Batch Upload” in the left navigation menu. From here there is an option which says “Connect to ESP”.

Connect To

Locate MailGun from the list of options, and connect.

Once connected this is where you will need to input your API key.

Processing your Data

Now you will see all the lists you have in your account with MailGun. When you know which list you would like to verify click the “verify list” button.

XVerify will then prompt you how you would like to validate your data.

Option 1 : Clean File If you select this option you will be able to clean the whole file, and simply download the results back to your computer.

Option 2: Clean & Update
If you select this option you will be able to clean the entire file and update the subscribers on your list with MailGun. If you select this option, any INVALID email addresses will get unsubscribed from your MailGun list. (It’s recommended you choose clean & update.)

You are all set
That is all the work required to clean your list. Simple right? We kept the process easy so that you could save time and get better results. Now, the only thing you have left to do is set up your campaign and send out your content.