Getting XVerify to work with JotForm

You will first need both an account with XVerify, and one with Jotform.
Once you have your accounts you will need to log into your XVerify account and click on “My Account”, this is where you need to add Jotform as your trusted domain. Also make sure you take note of your API key which is also found in the “My Account” area. The API will need to later be plugged into Jotform.

*Note – Don’t forget to save your changes.

Next, you will need to log into your JotForms and under the plugins select widgets.

Search for the XVerify widget and you should see this result. Then simply click it and add to form.

After you will go into your Jotform widget setup panel and put in your API key.

You can learn more about setting up your integration with Jotform here.