Formstack and XVerify Integration

The good news is that your forms with Formstack are now XVerify ready.

That means your leads will automatically be verified. If the leads are not good, we will kick them out. Hooray for no garbage data sneaking into your funnel.

Ready to get started?

First, there are just a few steps to go through and your integration will be ready.

Most importantly make sure you have an account with both Formstack and XVerify.

  1. Log into your Formstack account, and go to your Forms area.

    FormStack Forms

  2. Now locate the form you would like to add XVerify to and select BUILD.

    Select Your Form

  3. In this next part, you will need to add “Embed Code” to your form. Drag and drop this item into the bottom of your form builder.

    Formstack Options

  4. You should now see the item at the bottom in your form builder. When you click on it a window to the left will appear allowing you to paste in the code.


  5.  Now you will need to log into your XVerify account and grab your Javascript code. Once you are logged in click on “My Account” and then select download script.

    JS Implementation

  6. The CODE provided will need a slight modification.
    By DEFAULT the code references email: {field: ‘xverify_email’} but to work with Formstack we will need to change that to say email : { field : ‘fsFormatEmail’ }
    Once you have  done that paste your code into Formstack embed code area.*(Note this code shown is for email verification only)

    dark code

    Phone field would be added such as
    phone : { field : ‘fsFormatPhoneUs’ }Address field would be
    address : { street_field : ‘fsFieldAddress’
    street_field_2 : ‘fsFieldAddress2’
    zip_field : ‘fsFieldZip’ }

  7. Once you have added the code click on “View Live Form”LiveForm
    From here in the web address bar, you will need to identify the subdomain your form is hosted on and add it as a trusted domain inside of Xverify

    (*note your domain will be different than this one)

  8. Then go into your XVerify account and click on “My Account”. In the area for “Trusted Domains” add the full subdomain and save your changes.
  9.  Now your form should be ready to go. Test it out in the Live form view.