Troubleshooting Common API Errors

In this section, we will cover some of the most common errors clients find when implementing the API. Reviewing this information will help you pinpoint problems and resolve them quickly. We also recommend that you check out our guide to XVerify’s email verification response codes.

  1. Inactive account error: The first most common error is if your account is not activated and you attempt to make the API call. If you see this error message please contact us by phone at 1-866-903-9164 or send us an email to
    email validation api error
    Notice how the response code is 503 and the status indicates you have a bad request. However, our message output will still help you easily identify what went wrong. This is an example of what happens when you try to make API requests after your account is no longer activated.
  2. Wrong API key error: Another common error message you find is when you attempt to perform a verification and but, you have input the wrong API key. We recommend you first double check your API URL inside of your account and make sure that it matches.
    Email verification API errorIn this error message, you will again find the status is a bad request and the response code is the same as before. Take note of the message tag, it indicates exactly what the problem is so that you can quickly fix the issue.
  3. Trusted domain error: You might also find an error message if you decide to place XVerify on another web property but forget to add it as a trusted domain. Trusted domains are an important part of keeping your account secure and making sure no one else gets hold of your API key and attempts to use your account for unauthorized verifications.api bad requestSo here in this bad request, you will find that if you attempt to make an email verification when you did not have the domain name added to your trusted list. This will also produce the 503 error code and you will see that the message clearly states it is denying your request due to an unauthorized domain name.
  4. Missing data error: If you were trying to perform an email verification, and you did not fill in the API call with an email address you will get response code verifier api missing data
    Notice here that the status indicates you have supplied bad data. The message tells you, that you have missing fields.
  5. Invalid Syntax Error: If you are attempting to check an email address and it is not in the right format, you will get a bad data error. You will see in the error response code it indicates that it is response code 400, and the output message says “Invalid email syntax.”
    Email checker invalid syntax API