Implementing Javascript

email verification via Javascript example

Benefits of Implementing with Javascript

When you implement with Javascript you can implement XVerify on your own landing pages in a matter of minutes. If a user provides the incorrect email address we will display a red error message indicating that the email address is not valid. This error message will also disable your submit/continue button. Once the user is aware they have made a mistake they correct it.

Accessing your unique Javascript file.

  1. Log into your XVerify account and click on “Implementation”
  2. Select “Download Script” and the file will download to your computer

Add Your Trusted Domain

After you have your account setup with us we will first need you to secure your account before you get access to your API key. You can do this by logging into your XVerify dashboard, then clicking on the “My Account Tab”. Look for the area that says “Your Trusted Domains” Click “add” and plug in the domain name of the web properties you plan to use data verifications on. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Plug the script into your HTML

In order to implement our Javascript you must have access to modify the HTML of the page your web form sits on.

  1. Paste our script into the <head> of your HTML site.
  2. In order for our script to recognize which field to verify you must add a specific class name to the email capture field labeled xverify_email
    (example: <input class=”xverify_email” type=”text”>)
  3. Test your page and make sure it is working, if you are still having problems please contact us at