Downloading and Reviewing Email Validation File Results

Downloading Your File from the User Dashboard

*For legacy instructions, please click here.

If you uploaded your email verification file via the web interface, you will also be able to retrieve your file results directly from the dashboard. Simply scroll down to the bottom where it displays “Your Recent Batch Uploads” and click on “Download Now” or you can click on the 100% and it will also download your file.

You can also click on “View Statistics” to have it display an overview of your data results.

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Unknown
  • Disposable
  • High risk
  • Complainers

email validation file complete ready to download

Reviewing your file in Excel

When you open your file in excel you will notice that we have kept all the original columns of data you had, and added a few additional columns of data.

Status – Every validation response will include one of the status values below:

Status Description
Valid The email address passed all checks and is safe to mail.
Invalid Do not mail. The email does not have proper syntax, the domain is dead or the mailbox doesn’t exist.
Accept_All The domain doesn’t support a mailbox level check. Also known as a “catch-all” domain. Expect some bounces from these addresses should you choose to mail them.
Risky The email address is valid but it may cause delivery issues (e.g. spamtrap, honeypot or complainer). If you’re having deliverability issues, don’t send email to risky addresses.
Unknown  We couldn’t get a response in time. The email syntax and domain are usually valid, but we could not confirm the mailbox. Messages to these addresses may see bounces. Repeating the query later may deliver a valid/invalid status.

Invalid Reason – The reason field will always be present in the response and describes the specific reason for the verification status. In the table below is our full list of email verification reasons, which status value it corresponds to and their descriptions.

Status Reason Description
valid verified Valid email address.
invalid invalid_syntax Syntax or spelling error.
invalid invalid_domain Domain does not exist or does not accept email.
invalid invalid_mailbox Mailbox doesn’t exist.
accept_all unverifiable Domain is a catch all and does not support validation.
risky high_risk Address is a spamtrap, a known complainer or is suppressed.
risky complainer Address has complained about receiving commercial email.
risky fraud Address was used in a fraudulent transaction, e.g. credit card fraud.
risky block_affiliate The affiliate submitting data is blocked in your user settings.
risky block_by_user This address is blocked in your user settings.
risky block_country The request included an IP address parameter, and the IP is from a country that is blocked in your user settings.
unknown no_result A conclusive result could not be determined.

Domain Type– The domain_type field will be not-null if the type of domain has been categorized. The table below shows the full list of domain types and their descriptions

Status Description
Disposable A disposable domain.
Biz The domain of a company.
Edu An educational domain.
Freeisp Free ISP (internet service provider).
Gov A government institution.
Org A non-profit organization.
PaidISP A government institution.
Wireless Wireless domain. Do not send unsolicited emails.