Downloading Your File from the User Dashboard

If you uploaded your email verification file via the web interface, you will also be able to retrieve your file results directly from the dashboard. Simply scroll down to the bottom where it displays “Your Recent Batch Uploads” and click on “Download Now” or you can click on the 100% and it will also download your file.

You can also click on “View Statistics” to have it display an overview of your data results.

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Unknown
  • Disposable
  • High risk
  • Complainers

email validation file complete ready to download

Reviewing your file in Excel

When you open your file in excel you will notice that we have kept all the original columns of data you had, and added a few additional columns of data.

  • Status – This column tells you if the email address was valid/invalid/unknown
    • Valid – The email address is good and deliverable
    • Invalid – The email address is not safe to send to or does not exist
    • Unknown – we were not able to verify this email address
  • Invalid Reason – Helps you identify why we marked the email address invalid
    • Complainer – A user who has a high chance of clicking spam
    • User does not exist
    • High Risk – known for fraudulent activity
    • Disposable – temporary email accounts
  • Handle – The username of the email address
  • Domain – The domain name of the email address
  • Syntax – Reports true if the email format is good or false if it is not.
  • Catch All – Reports back true/false/unknown
    • True – the email server at this domain is configured to always respond valid.
    • False – This email server is not configured as a catch all account
    • Unknown – We do not currently know if this is a catch all server.