Configure Your Own Settings

Our system allows you to customize your settings within a few clicks. Let’s say you want to allow complainers to pass, or you want to prompt a CAPTCHA during registration. This is all possible with just a few clicks in your settings.

Log into your XVerify dashboard and click on “Settings” and then select “email”

  1. Restrict Emails and Domains.

    Restrict Email Addresses and Domains

    You can add email addresses that you want to restrict easily. Type in an email address, then click search. If the email address is not already added for suppression the “add” button will appear. Hit “add” then you will see a message that displays “Added in list”

    Want to import a large suppression list? You can do that too. Simply make sure your file is in CSV format and you can upload an email list or a list of domain names that you would like for us to suppress.

  2. Block Keywords

    block keywords

    You can block keywords one by one, or in bulk. When it comes to making the most out of your email deliverability sometimes it is a good idea to block role-based accounts such as “webmaster” “info” “sales” “support” “hello” etc.

  3. Restrict Top Level Domains

    restrict top level domains for email verification
    During the email collection process, sometimes you do not want to accept email addresses from international email accounts. This is where you can configure in your settings to block top level domains. You can block email addresses such as “,,” etc.

  4. Test Domain List
    test domains list
    The test list is designed to allow you to regularly test your registration process without getting charged for a verification. Simply add the email addresses you want to do regular performance testing with and they will not count as a verification against your account.
  5. Fraud Blocks

    email address fraud blocks
    By default, we safeguard your email list from temporary email addresses, complainers, and high-risk email addresses. We recommend you keep these suppressions turned on, but you do have the option to turn them off. Simply uncheck the box and save your changes.

  6. Custom Rules

    custom rules

    We have some pre-built rules that you can take advantage of.

    • Block a user after failed attempts
    • Restrict email addresses over a specific character length
    • Block email addresses that begin with numbers
    • Prompt a CAPTCHA
    • Auto correct email domain name misspellings
    • Allow the email to pass after too many failed attempts.
  7. Custom Messages

    custom error messages during email verification

    Want to change the output message that the javascript displays to the user? It’s easy simply type the message that you want to appear and save your changes. Now when a user enters an invalid email ID they will see the new display message you have specified.