Affiliate Tracking

affiliate tracking

Our sophisticated technology can help you identify which sources of data are sending you too many low-quality leads. All you must do is pass a few identifiers which we label V1 and V2 so that you can track your affiliates and sub-affiliates.

Affiliate Tracking with Javascript.

  1. In the browser URL
  2. In the hidden DOM elements

Please note that the ones provided in the browser will be given more precedence. If any information is missing in, either way, it will be combined. So, for example: if v1 is given in browser URL but not in hidden DOM element. And v2 is given in the hidden DOM element but not in the browser URL, then our system will combine them both together and send them to our server.

Affiliate Tracking via API.

If you are using our API and would like to pass affiliate details, simply pass the identifier V1 and V2 in your API call while referencing the affiliate ID or name.