Active Campaign

If you are looking to utilize our XVerify API and pass valid leads directly into Active Campaign you can get setup with our simple integration. This is the best way to make sure only valid, active email addresses are getting into your account.

  1. You will first need your API URL and your API Key from Active Campaign to get started.
  2. You can find this inside of your Active Campaign account when you click on “My Settings”
  3. From here click on “Developer” and you will see the page that shows your API URL and your API Key
  4. Once you have found those details you can plug them into your newly added ESP inside XVerify and it should then appear in your list of integrations.
  5.  REQUIRED API INFORMATION – Once it has been successfully added to your integrations, then you can start making API calls which will automatically pass the details to your Active Campaign account. But, first, you need to structure the API call with the following required information.
    • &esps[espname]=activecampaign
    • &esps[listid]=YOURLISTID

      You can find your ListID from within your XVerify account by going to your “Batch Upload” tab and selecting the integration for Active Campaign. From here you will see your “Lists” and you want to identify the number of the list you want your leads to get entered into.

  6. OPTIONAL API INFORMATION – In addition to just passing the basic contact information into your ESP such as the email address there are other data points you may be interested in passing. Such as name, age, gender etc.