Format Your File to CSV

If you start putting your file together in excel, you can have multiple columns of data. However, for address verification, your file needs to be properly formatted. We require at least four columns of data. That would be address, city, state, zip. Please make sure that your file contains these pieces of information.

When you go to SAVE your file make sure you change your file type to a CSV comma delimited file.

*note – files uploaded through the web interface must contain less than 100k records


Uploading Via The User Dashboard

Uploading files are easy and can be done directly from your user dashboard. Once you are logged into your account scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and you should find an orange upload button. Before you start the upload process it is important that you have your file correctly formatted.

From there you will select your file, make sure the correct file type is selected in the “select batch type” area. Then you must input a file name. You can also enter your email address for the email alert which will send you an email notification when your file is done processing.

address verification