Upload an Address Verification File to FTP

Uploading files through FTP is easy, but FTP may not be enabled on your account by default. If you have smaller files less than 100,000 records in size you can upload them through the web interface. Please ensure your file is in CSV format: this is the required file format for every upload method to Xverify.

FTP Access

To identify if you have FTP access enabled on your account click on the “Implementation” tab from your user dashboard. If you see an area labeled FTP information then you have access to FTP files. If you do not see this area in your account, please contact your account manager to enable this access.

ftp details to upload to your account

From here you will be able to access the credentials you need to connect to FTP.

  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password

*note – your FTP password is different from your XVerify account password.
(You can also create multiple FTP accounts so that if you want to give other employees access to FTP you can create individual logins)

Use the FTP client you prefer, we typically use FileZilla but you can use the client of your choice. Once you are successfully connected please make sure you drag your file into the Incoming/Address directory. Once you upload your file disconnect from the FTP account.

*note – Files do not get picked up until you disconnect from the FTP account

File Complete

When the file is complete you can find the results in the outgoing/Address directory.

If your file was not formatted correctly it will be in the badfiles directory.

*Please note – for each Xverify verification service used (phone, email, and address) there is a separate FTP folder the customer needs to add their file to. Keep this in mind if you are interested in multiple Xverify services.